AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-24Changes to compilaton: This isn't portable as it stands, can we get there usi...HEADmasterPadraic Calpin
2017-10-24Merge branch 'master' of Calpin
2017-10-24MEX Interfaces for quick random state generationPadraic Calpin
2017-10-13Fix for safe reinitialisation in the random SymplecticPauli routinePadraic Calpin
2017-10-12Rework generation of random paulis and seeding of random numbers using chrono.Padraic Calpin
2017-06-28Small bugfix for the verbose flag in group generation.Padraic Calpin
2017-06-28Add 'verbose' flag for debugging stabilizer state generation.Padraic Calpin
2017-06-26Tweak CMake to compile static libraries as position independentPadraic Calpin
2017-06-23Implement the real_only flag in getStabilizerGroups, fix some bugs in eigenst...Padraic Calpin
2017-06-23Fix tensor implementation to use dynamic matricesPadraic Calpin
2017-06-23Set CMAKE policy for osxPadraic Calpin
2017-06-23Small changes to CMakeListsPadraic Calpin
2017-06-22Small fix to make orthogonalisation return the true projectorPadraic Calpin
2017-06-22Tweak a variable name for consistencyPadraic Calpin
2017-06-22Tweak a variable name for consistencyPadraic Calpin
2017-06-22Change generation to match the stabilizer_search spec, add 'real only' filter.Padraic Calpin
2017-06-15Fix bugs and name collisionsPadraic Calpin
2017-06-11Merge branch 'master' of int...Padraic Calpin
2017-06-11Fix some bugsPadraic Calpin
2017-06-01Add phase cases to generation.cppPadraic Calpin
2017-05-31Merge branch 'master' of int...Padraic Calpin
2017-05-31Rework some parts and get additional getters for python interfacePadraic Calpin
2017-05-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Padraic Calpin
2017-05-17Add phase to the StabilizerMatrix classPadraic Calpin
2017-05-11Add 'Python' build mode for compilation under stabilizer_searchPadraic Calpin
2017-04-29Fix typo in CMakeListsPadraic Calpin
2017-04-29Change CMAKE to allow library to compile without gtestPadraic Calpin
2017-04-29Change testing to remove dependency on gtest when compiling.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-29Update CMakeLists.txtPadraic Calpin
2017-04-27Update CMakeLists.txtPadraic Calpin
2017-04-21Begin CMake ReworkPadraic Calpin
2017-04-21Orthogonalisation CodePadraic Calpin
2017-04-21Reformat, test saving and loading code.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-20Finish the loading state code and add prototypes.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-20Get Eigenstates, save and load them.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-20Save and load matrices from file.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-19Implement the StabilizerMatrix form, generate stabilzier groups with the cano...Padraic Calpin
2017-04-12Start implementation of the Garcia et al Stabilizer Matrix form.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-11Include reportPadraic Calpin
2017-04-11Load Stabilizer Groups from file.Padraic Calpin
2017-04-11Symplectic Pauli String constructorPadraic Calpin
2017-04-11Test SymplecticPauli ExceptionsPadraic Calpin
2017-04-11Test SymplecticPauli SettersPadraic Calpin
2017-04-11Fix travis (hopefully, for real this time)Padraic Calpin
2017-04-11Fix travis (hopefully)Padraic Calpin
2017-04-11Rename test executable, Symplectic Pauli settersPadraic Calpin
2017-04-10Switch to boost 1.55Padraic Calpin
2017-04-10Friend Tests for Generating Pauli GroupsPadraic Calpin
2017-04-10Fix typo in travis.ymlPadraic Calpin
2017-04-10Tests for StabilizerGroupPadraic Calpin