AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-25Additional conditional for paginationHEADmasterPadraic Calpin
2018-11-24Bugfixes for paginationPadraic Calpin
2018-11-09Update tests for new Category walker and 'inclusion' testPadraic Calpin
2018-11-04Fix Freezing, add support for a page inclusion filterPadraic Calpin
2018-10-29Bugfixes for fetching the posts and categories included in a given categoryPadraic Calpin
2018-10-28Walker for categoriesPadraic Calpin
2018-10-28Fix a bug in entry iterationPadraic Calpin
2018-10-28Small bugfix for config loadingPadraic Calpin
2018-10-27Add init to testsPadraic Calpin
2018-10-24Merge branch 'master' of Calpin
2018-10-24Move to the release of Flatpages 0.7Padraic Calpin
2018-10-20Proper bullet points in READMEPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Add Travis badge to READMEPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Merge pull request #2 from padraic-padraic/sf_reworkPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Use replace instead of lstripPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Trying to debug path issue in media generatorPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Small debug info for the test issuePadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Patch for unexpected path behaviour on linuxPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Fix bad fixture in generator testsPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Fix for directory resolution in yield_mediaPadraic Calpin
2018-10-20Add FrozenFlask url generators`Padraic Calpin
2018-10-19Add package_data to setup.pyPadraic Calpin
2018-10-19Add final tests for viewsPadraic Calpin
2018-10-18SFlask class testsPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Add package install stepPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Fix typo in .travis.ymlPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Add extra param for python 3.7 on TravisPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Travis SetupPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Finish tests for CategorizedPages and CategoryPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Add fixture data, tests for CategorizedPagesPadraic Calpin
2018-10-16Additional category testsPadraic Calpin
2018-10-15Initial tests for the Category classPadraic Calpin
2018-10-15Much simpler StaticFlask config and interfacePadraic Calpin
2018-10-15Remove py-gfm as a dependencyPadraic Calpin
2018-10-14Credit BMFW.comPadraic Calpin
2018-10-14Add support for post-type templatingPadraic Calpin
2018-10-14Change the category cache decoratorPadraic Calpin
2018-10-14Add support for excluding subcategories via regexPadraic Calpin
2018-10-14Simpler templates, finish routingPadraic Calpin
2018-10-13Small fix to default template setting for CategoryPadraic Calpin
2018-10-13Add the category modulesPadraic Calpin
2018-10-13Initial commit of Category workPadraic Calpin
2018-10-07Initial commit of routingPadraic Calpin
2018-10-07Simpler config loadingPadraic Calpin
2018-09-30Initial Commit of RestructurePadraic Calpin
2018-09-29Move to my Flatpages forkPadraic Calpin
2018-08-20Fix typo in readmePadraic Calpin
2018-08-20Update readme with project goalsPadraic Calpin
2018-08-20Update pipfile to add testsPadraic Calpin
2018-08-20Move to PipenvPadraic Calpin